Magic Valley Prison Aftercare was established for men and women with no safe and drug free place to go after prison and who wanted to turn their lives around.



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The Magic Valley Prison Aftercare Chaplains is a divison
of Magic Valley Chaplains Inc , a 501 ( c ) (3) organization

Ball We oversee three Safe and Drug Free houses in the area. These are the Risen and Lazarus Homes for men and Serenity House for women. We have 30 bed spots available for recovering addicts. Many are new Christians that have received Christ in jail or prison and are trying to start life anew.

image They usually have nothing or little when they get out of incarceration. God has touched and changed many lives through this ongoing ministry. Graduates are scattered and working throughout the Magic Valley. Over 150 jail and prison inmates are evaluated annually for residency.

Magic Valley Prison Aftercare was established for men and women with no safe and drug free place to go after prison and who wanted to turn their lives around. homes are organized as a transition phase to move inmates from being in a correctional facility to becoming working, productive citizens. To do that they can’t go back to the old crowd or places, or they will usually fall. In the homes, each resident pays rent, abides by the house rules and finds work. Resident managers oversee the process. Those that won’t work or follow the rules can not remain.

We do not accept all applications, and very violent offenders or sexual predators are not accepted. Residents need financial help, moral support and practical help. Not all make it. Just like any other home it takes so much a month to pay all the bills. Steve Wills, Tim Wood and Tom Walker have taken on the task and risk of managing the homes. The plan is that the rent paid by the residents will cover the bills and mortgages. At a full consistent 80% paying occupancy, it all works but….

Our homes have two issues. First, courts and the parole system determine when prisoners are released. With the ebb and flow of parolees, the homes run into low occupancy periods with the bills continuing to come. Second, some residents violate rules, won’t work or avoid rent payment. Significant financial loss occurs. It’s critical that the homes don’t let financial considerations get in the way of enforcing consequences. Letting things slide does not help the residents develop self discipline or keep the house clean and sober. We lose some residents by our being firm, fair and consistent.

Other residents need help with the right purchase at the right time to get over obstacles that might keep them from success. They might need an Idaho State Identification Card to get a lost Social Security Card, or a Drivers License to drive legally to work. Some need special tools or clothing for a particular job. Others need help with gas money to keep going until they get paid a couple of times. We try and provide this help on an ongoing basis for the sincere heart who is trying to change.

Your donations to the ministry makes a real difference and help us help them to turn the corner and become productive citizens. Please consider helping us reach out and support those in recovery.

Donation are tax deductible when made out to Magic Valley Chaplains Aftercare, P.O. 5742, Twin Falls, ID 83301. We will quickly send you a receipt if you can help.