image Dear Applicants to Serenity
Safe and Drug Free Houses

The Serenity Safe and Drug Free House was designed and
built upon the proven Biblical principles of God’s word.
His word was the basis for the original 12 step programs
and the variations that have followed.

Ball By practicing the steps, finding new friends and recreation, using self-discipline and hard work, recovery is not only possible but probable. The rules and guidelines are set up to help you prioritize your first months after getting out so you can stay stable and get started working. The house manager will help you find the courage and support you need to get readjusted for handling responsibilities and for making hundreds of new decisions. We only seek those truly committed to serious change.

We keep track of the local jobs and can point you to someone who will possibly hire you. Most of our residents have a job within two weeks of release. We offer 12 step groups and Bible studies right in the house. We can get you connected with appropriate women’s support groups like: AA, MA, Grief and Loss, Co-Dependency, Financial Planning and other local groups. We want you to succeed. 

Be sure and apply for Correctional Department transition house funding to help you with your first months rent. Current rent charges are $300 per month.

The women's home for Magic Valley Prison Aftercare is run by Tim Wood. He has gone through the aftercare programs, graduated, completed parole, and is holding a full time job. He has a heart to see former inmates succeed and become free on the inside and outside. Tim is an integral part of our Magic Valley program.  

imageIf you are in jail/prison and are interested in applying for these homes, print off and fully fill out the following forms and send them back to Woods Aftercare Services. The address to send them to is on the form. Forms can also be sent as a PDF attachment to

Please Note: This "Dear Applicant Letter" is for informational purposes for the inmate and case manager about our services. This does not need to be sent back. We will look over the applications and see if we are a match and have available bed space. If so, we will send you an acceptance letter and bed date for the parole board.

Ball Send applications to:
Woods Aftercare Services
Tim Wood:
Fax: 208 736 7461
P.O. Box 5203 Twin Falls, ID 83301