image Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been providing this service?
A: The Magic Valley Chaplains have been involved in helping inmates for the last 20 years. Our homes have been operating for the past 10 years. We offer our aftercare mentor/housing program. The men’s Risen House can hold 14, the Lazarus House holds 10, the women’s Serenity House can hold 10. We accept qualified inmates who have a deep desire to change.

Q: What can you offer me?
A: The Magic Valley Aftercare Ministry is designed for recovering drug users exiting from jail, prison or in serious treatment programs. We offer a Christian approach to recovery studies, safe and drug free housing, life plan assistance, job seeking and support groups. Our houses are in Jerome or Twin Falls, Idaho, where various kinds of jobs are available. Our goal is to help recovering individuals become successful, productive members of society.

imageWe provide quality spiritual, educational, physical, emotional and basic material support to those sincerely seeking recovery from life controlling problems and incarceration. Our vision is to help our residents become Christians that are fully functioning members of society.image

Q: How many safe houses are available and where are they located?
A: Three homes are available. Two are for men and one are for women. The men’s Risen House is located at 212 6th Ave W, Jerome, ID 83338. The men’s Lazarus House is located at 829 Locust St. N, T.F. ID 83301. The women’s Serenity is located at 1036 Blue Lakes, T.F. ID 83301.

Q: Can I just walk into a house after jail?
A: No. All residents must complete the application and rules agreement forms and be pre-approved. Most beds are booked two to six months ahead of time.

Q: How can I possibly find a job?
A: We keep track of the local jobs and can point you to someone who will possibly hire you. Most of our residents have a job within two weeks of release. We offer 12 step groups and Bible studies right in the house. We can get you connected with appropriate support groups like: AA, MA, Grief and Loss, Co-Dependency, Financial Planning and other local groups. We want you to succeed.

Q: I have no means of transportation. Can you help me?
A: Residents at the homes have cars and can help with transportation. We also have bikes at the homes for you to ride. Jerome has a car available that the manager supervises to get residents to P&P classes and appointments.

Q: What is the role of the house managers?
A: Our house managers help with transitions, drug testing, emotional support, accountability, Bible Studies, 12 step groups, and maintenance of a safe and drug free environment.

Q: What does the future hold for me?
A: By practicing the 12 steps, finding new friends and recreation, using self-discipline and hard work, recovery is not only possible but probable. The rules and guidelines are set up to help you prioritize your first months after getting out so you can stay stable and get started working. The house manager will help you find the courage and support you need to get readjusted for handling responsibilities and for making hundreds of new decisions. We only seek those truly committed to serious change.

Q: Are non-Christians welcome into this program?
A: Non-Christians are welcome if they will set up a recovery plan, work their plan and abide by the house rules.

Q: What are the house rules?
A: All residents are required to find jobs, pay rent, help in house chores. With God’s help and cooperation with Him and by applying His principles or truth, we expect our residents to be transformed and make new lives for themselves. Click "here" to read a full description of the house rules document.

Q: Where can I obtain an application?
A: Applications may be obtained on this website, or from prison case managers.